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Sacred Heart Cathedral School
Fully Catholic, Fully Alive

Sacred Heart Cathedral School

Pensacola, FL
The Story

Since 1906, generations have passed through the halls of Sacred Heart Cathedral School in Pensacola, FL. Every student of this school is encouraged to strive for academic excellence and humble service to all.

We were approached by this private Catholic school to capture the essence of their school, and give them a website (and platform) that would prepare them for the next decade. Their principal, Ms. Elizabeth Snow, entrusted Brewww with a rebrand and redesign, emphasizing that they wanted to be "first and foremost a Catholic school."

Sacred Heart School
October 2019
Pensacola, FL

The Process

We were given free rein on this project to create, build, and explore. Excellent. First, we looked to Annie Theby's photographic style for our visual cues. Second, we drew UX inspiration from award winning international private school websites. Finally, we polished their language to emphasize key points to busy (prospective) parents.

The Result

We're excited to finally share this with you, and hope you can see the joy in the children, the parents, and the wider Pensacola community.

The Praise

He captured the essence of who we are. He is also a professional that does not just finish the experience and then leave you hanging.

He creates a relationship, and makes you feel like he is one of your school community.

Ms. Elizabeth Snow
Sacred Heart Cathedral School