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Kevin and Christine 2019
We finally found each other.

Kevin and Christine 2019

Nashville, TN
The Story

Love. The easiest thing to become excited about, the hardest thing to capture for a creative team (especially one close to the project). We created Kevin and Christine 2019 as an invitation to our wedding but, ultimately, we wanted a website that didn't fall into the ordinary "The Knot" wedding website category.

Although we knew it wouldn't be a "forever website," we set out to create something that captured our story and invited others into our joy. Designed with our guests in mind, we built the site from the ground up, and distributed the site on the fast Netlify network.

Kevin & Christine
June 2019
Nashville, TN

The Process

After writing our story, we had the inspiration for the overall structure, look, and functionality of the website. We took stock of other websites we had seen, and aimed for a wedding website that would be a point of referral in the months, weeks, and days leading up to our marriage vows.

The Result

We overcame a lack of objectivity, and created a website that brought us joy. The result? A wedding website that made it easy for guests to hear our story, see our smiles, and grab the details for our wedding.

The Praise

Kevin and Christine 2019