Joseph House

Tallahassee, FL
The Story

The imprisoned of society are often neglected, set apart, and seen as less than human. As a response this problem, Tallahassee non-profit Joseph House was created to educate, to advocate, and to reintegrate the formerly incarcerated. They do this by accompanying the recently released from prison into environments that restore a sense of mercy, stability and freedom in their lives. ‍Within weeks of their launch, they quickly outgrew their Weebly website, and wanted to create a new online home.

We were approached by Joseph House in their early stages to create a unique visual and verbal identity, spread their message, and encourage donations. The objective was clear. The stakes were high. The results are in.

Joseph House
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The Process

As we built the Joseph House brand, we wanted to play with themes of light and dark. Using the colors from their logo, and deep roots in a biblical story, we wove it all together in a tapestry that highlighted the problem, and made clear the solution.

The Result

Inspired by their logo, we built their site from the ground up to showcase their brand, amplify their message, and drive donations. Since the launch of their site, they have grown as a non-profit, and accompanied many leaving