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IES National
Sustainability by Design

IES National

Pensacola, FL
The Story

We think of energy efficiency in our homes, but a company like IES National is the backbone of major retailers having efficient lighting. This results in millions of dollars saved in annual energy costs, and lower prices for goods and services to the consumer. With 9,500+ projects completed for clients like Walmart, Kroger, and Office Depot, IES wanted to showcase what made them different when it came to LED lighting.

We partnered with IES National to bring their successes to the forefront, improve their image, and help convert potential clients.

January 2021
Pensacola, FL

The Process

Understanding their goals, we put the longstanding history and national reach of IES front and center, highlighting their work with clients like Walmart, Kroger, Costco, Office Depot, and Sam's Club. From there, we built their visual and verbal identity, a new logo, and a website built from the ground up.

The Result

With a rebrand and new website, we helped present IES National as "America's trusted LED Lighting partner."

The Praise

IES National