Concrete Catholic
Encounter Christ in a real way.

The Brief

A podcast worth listening to.

Fr. Jack Knight has long brought people to the most essential aspects of a relationship with God. He's devoted his life to this, and now, created a podcast to generate conversation.

The world of podcasts is a flooded space. Concrete Catholic is the expression of Fr. Jack's lifelong desire to lead others closer to Jesus. The podcast space is flooded.

Fr. Jack, a longtime friend of Brewww, was the perfect candidate for our process. HIs willingness to abandon all preconceived thoughts of what his website could be, let his website become all it should be. The best part of the project was his excitement from beginning to end as he entrusted every line of code to us, letting us etch away at the reality until it was perfect.

The result? A website that won't easily age because, in his words, "it captured the essence of me." We invite you to explore this podcast, and learn how the a simple prayer can have profound effects on your life.

We worked together to create a website and brand that

A true pioneer in their space, Patagonia is making strides to protect our world. In our latest collaboration, we helped the team at Patagonia amplify Blue Heart: a documentary that aims to spread awareness about the dark side of hydropower in the Balkan region. Together, we created an immersive digital experience that illustrates just how destructive dams can be to the ecosystems and local communities that surround them.


Atlanta, GA

Launch Date

December 31, 2019


Concrete Catholic


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