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Quality Counts Cleaning
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Quality Counts Cleaning

Sarasota, FL
The Story

Service based websites often struggle from being text heavy, looking identical to their competitors, and lacking proper search engine optimization. 20 years in the business, Quality Counts Cleaning was feeling plagued by these problems. , they were often contain large amounts of text with little to no focus on user experience. Quality Counts was no stranger to this challenge. Couple that with a cheap template,

When we were appraoched by Quality Counts Cleaning, they had stated, clear goals. First, they needed to be found online. Second, they needed a visual overhaul. Third, they needed to make booking an appointment very easy. Check, check, check. The end result is a website that drives leads, encourages appointments, and makes them stand out amidst the competition.

Quality Counts Cleaning
December 2018
Sarasota, FL

The Process

We began by looking through dozens of their competitors. Noticing the best practices (and key areas to avoid), we knew we needed to focus on snowbirds (their target audience). We were inspired to use catchy visuals, bold text, and simple calls to action. The result? A site that will serve them for years to come.

The Result

The stated goals were simple: modernize the site, improve the design, simplify the user experience, and make the site Google friendly.Throughout the process, we maintained focus on the end user and target audience: elderly homeowners with investment properties.

The Praise

Kevin and Brewww Studio did a great creating and designing our company website. Being a small business owner, we were short on time but he was patient and worked around our schedules.

We continue to use him as we expand the website.

Keyla Smotryski
Quality Counts Cleaning