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Perfecting This Mess
Wife. Mother. Hero.

Perfecting This Mess

Akron, OH
The Story

Billions of blogs exist online. Of those, very few stand out as particularly well designed, focused in their content, or armed with a high-performance site. The objective was clear with Perfecting This Mess. We needed to find a way to remove the typical distractions of blog based sites, and give space for her to write for her audience.

Armed with many ideas and concrete goals, we worked with Renee to build her brand, establish a foundation online, and drive traffic to her site.

Perfecting This Mess
March 2019
Akron, OH

The Process

Perfecting This Mess, both in its name and intent, is meant to highlight the dynamic nature of life, and the process of becoming who you really are. We read through all of Renee's blogs, and decided on a darker background and prominent, childlike colors to highlight key words and phrases.

The Result

We carried the project completion, and educated Renee on the importance of color throughout her site. Each one of the categories was given a particular color. This detail drives her frequent users through her content by looking for the topics (looking for the color) that speaks to where they're at right now.

The Praise

I was nervous about this process of building my business but Kevin and his team took extensive time helping me flush out my ideas and they translated it to an amazing website and gorgeous logo!

Take the plunge and ask him for details and if you're like me, you won't be disappointed!

Renee Mungo
Perfecting This Mess