Mary Bielski

New Orleans, LA
The Story

Mary Bielski has been involved in ministry for over 15 years, speaking to 100,000+ youth and young adults around the nation at parish missions, ministry trainings, and retreats and conferences. In the Catholic speaking world, she's a legend.

We were approached by Mary to redesign and develop her new site that had not seen an update in a decade. Our goal, with her, was to rebrand and refocus. Because of her extensive experience, she wanted a website that invited users to learn more about them without an abundance of messages and options. In short, she wanted fresh eyes.

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The Process

The visual and verbal identity was chosen to show both femininity, bravery, and a sense of royalty. We worked closely to make sure her website was easy to navigate, easy to book her, and that it had a sense of being an “oasis” amongst other ministry based websites. We partnered with Annie Theby on the visual direction, and took design cues from her photo shoots.

The Result

Mary’s ability to speak on any number of topics made it initially difficult to narrow down her verbal identity, but the focus, the thesis statement of all of her work, was summarized with the message “Be His. Be Brave. Be You.” Her site, her brand, her message now stands as an oasis amongst carbon copy ministry websites.