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Little Flower Catholic School
Education towards our ultimate destiny.

Little Flower Catholic School

Pensacola, FL
The Story

Little Flower Catholic School is a private school that believes in the education of the whole person. Located in a lower income area of West Pensacola, they were looking for something new, something unique, and something they could call their own.

When they approached us, their old website had minimal photos, outdated information, and more than a few grammatical errors. We were excited to take on the project, and even happier with the final results.

Little Flower School
August 2018
Pensacola, FL

The Process

The marketing pages were structured to make it painless to find answers to any questions parents might have about the academics, athletics, or extracurriculars. As the project progressed, the students were growing excited by the photography and potential for being featured on the site.

The Result

With exterior pages structured for potential students, and interior pages structured for current students, we found a way to balance the needs of their two target audiences.

The Praise

He created a very unique and functional website that focused not just on the marketing side of design, but was also easy to use for our parents and students.

Misty Delarosa
Little Flower Catholic School
Director of Development