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Little Flower Catholic Church
An invitation to encounter Jesus Christ.

Little Flower Catholic Church

Pensacola, FL
The Story

Little Flower Catholic Church is a vibrant, multi-cultural community church eager to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. As they grew, their website was not able to keep up with the continually changing needs of the parish (a common problem). Fr. Matthew, the pastor of Little Flower, had a grand vision and high expectations.

The site would have to be built from the ground up with all new content and a clear, unifying vision amidst all time and budgetary constraints. The visual and verbal identity of the parish needed a total overhaul to keep up with the needs of their growing population.

Little Flower Church
June 2018
Pensacola, FL

The Process

We worked closely with the staff of Little Flower Church to understand what was essential to them, and learned how to best showcase their history and beauty. Through content, design, development, and photography, we built a digital home for the historic parish.

The Result

Founded in 1945, Little Flower Catholic Church celebrates their 75th anniversary with a fresh visual and verbal identity. Easy to navigate, worth exploring, the whole team was excited to launch a new online home for this vibrant, multi-cultural community.

The Praise

The difference of where we were before and where we are now is nearly indescribable, but to all of our parishioners and school families, it was immediately noticed and highly praised.

Fr. Matthew Worthen
Little Flower Catholic Church