Savoring the Sweetness: Meet the Leadership of Brewww

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November 9, 2019 marks a significant day here at Brewww Studio.

Today, the "I" becomes a "We," and the "founder" becomes a "co-founder." Christine and I got married today, and the company has grown just a little bit. Why should you care? We wanted to share our joy with you because this isn't just work to us, it's personal.

Opposites attract, and the harmony of our differences is what makes Brewww work, and work for you. I'm the savory and she's the sweet. Together, we bring something new to the table.

kevin wessa getting ready for his wedding
Kevin getting ready for the big day.

Meet Kevin, the savory.

My idea for Brewww began in 2012. I was in Minnesota helping to get a real estate company off of the ground. As a co-owner and the VP of Operations, it was my direct responsibility to bring the founder's vision to life, and make it accessible to the widest audience possible. I found (and hired) a web designer and marketer to help me flesh out the vision of the company. Through those conversations, I was struck by one thing (more than her technical abilities): she had way more fun in her profession than I ever did.

With a background in economics, finance, and management, I've always found the underpinnings of a company interesting. But, more interesting than a double helix of whiteboard statements, giving a company bones, flesh, and a personality always seemed more interesting. Thank you Natalie.

Even in 2012, I was surprised at what happened next. As it became apparent the company I uprooted my life for wasn't sustainable, I didn't feel any sense of disappointment. My world was crumbling, but the seeds of calm had been planted. 

Years later, gathering skillsets along with wrinkles, 2018 was the year the seeds bore fruit and I decided to formalize what had always seemed to exist.

A joyous day for all.

Meet Christine, the sweet.

To the unobservant, Christine's background couldn't seem less relevant to the company we have today. With a degree in education, a vocal range rivaling Mariah Carey, and a ministry dedicated to bolstering the dignity of women...well...

Christine is the kindness the softens the edges of the hard logic of code. Her penchant for edifying the person amidst often harsh objectivity has made her an obvious choice as our Director of Strategy.

When I'm stuck on a problem, staring blankly at the keyboard, her simple insights lead to the cutting edge designs we savor here at Brewww. Said another way, technical skills can be easily acquired, but it's the instinct (and eye) for cohesive design that leads to the best results.

Savoring the Sweetness

If I emphasize nothing else to you, let me impart these words: conflict is a good thing.

It's natural to shy away from conflict. It's difficult. It's awkward. It's challenging.

Yet, without it, I remain self-enclosed (and you'd suffer for it). With every project we challenge each other to go further in, and farther up. For that reason, Christine is my partner in everything, Brewww included.

Through her insights, her direction, and her gentle nudges, we've managed over and over to deliver results, create designs, and find solutions that leave our clients smiling. We both believe whole-heartedly that mediocrity is boring, and want to aim for greatness.

We are your better half

Brewww is larger than the two of us. Since our founding, we have assembled a team of incredible designers, developers, and creators around us. As a collective, we all pour ourselves into our craft to bring out the best that exists in you, and help you live the greatness within.

We craft creative for the kind hearted, the hustlers, and the visionaries.

We are the Savory and the Sweet.

We are Brewww.