Hello there! How do ya brewww?

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I've heard it said...

"I have an idea..."

"I want to start a company..."

"I think I can do that better..."

Nine years in the making, it's high time I introduce Brewww: Craft Creative, Pensacola's newest web + branding studio. There are many reasons I began this company, but it all boils down to one: you.

We know we know we are, and we know we need you.

We know who we are.

There is one reason why this company exists: you.

Naturally, I've been asked, "why is the company called Brewww?"

Short answer: For over a decade, it was over a coffee or beer that I would hear individuals speak about what they were most passionate about in life.

Longer answer: Away from office buildings and the constraints of the 9-5, individuals would speak freely about what they wished their lives would look like. They would mention companies, start-ups, inventions, ways of giving back, and their hobbies (that they wish weren't in the friend zone).

For the span of 145mg of caffeine or 4.5% ABV, I would see someone before me light up. It was the most incredible thing to see. Perhaps I knew them for awhile but in some cases, it was a new friend. In every case, it was a moment I saw a transformation in the person in front of me.

They spoke freely.

They spoke passionately.

They spoke with conviction.

So, if there was ever a good reason to start a company, it was to help others live out what they really felt called to do.

Coffee first.

It's Brewww: Craft Creative because it never was about me. It was about the person sitting before me, over a coffee or a beer, that lit up and who went away sad because their idea would remain just that...an idea.

And so, just as soon as they would light up, they would dim as fast as the check was paid. There was one reason to begin taking steps in their idea: it gave them a sense of excitement that nothing else did. There were thousands of reasons not to begin: insert (blah blah blah alllllllll the reasons you want to stay where you are) here.

Brewww reflects my approach.

Brewww reflects my philosophy.

Brewww reflects my work ethic.

This company exists to unblock, unlimit, and unveil the great ideas of others.

We know who we are not.

Knowing who you are not is just as important as knowing who you are.

People today are bombarded with more options than any other point in history. Just think how many different options of toothpaste exist, each one calling for your attention and your money. Do we need this many options for everything?

People today are overwhelmed by an awareness of more local, national, and world events that any other point in human history. Helpful to a point, spending hours each day filling yourself with the clutter of what your middle school friends had for breakfast provides a useful distraction at best, and prevents you from taking action in your life at worst.

Yes, I could have done something with my own name (e.g., the Wessa Group Inc., Wessa Creates, LLC., Wessa Works Co.). The problem with everyone one of them was that I was the focus. The work though isn't about me, so why would the name be?

Yes, I could have done something like "Random Adjective + Random Animal" (e.g. Blue Bear Business Solutions, Sad Seahawk SEO, Crazy Caterpillar Creative, etc.). Hell, there are online generators for just that. Ew...boring.

More important than something catchy, I have something genuine. I can communicate brand identity with ease, and that peace saves me hours of white-boarding disingenuous mission statements.

Map it out.

We know where we are going.

I know who I am, who I am not, and where I am going. Or, at least, I have a rough sketch of it all.

I routinely have people reaching out to me about their ideas. I find this incredible for a few reasons...

I'm convinced people come to me for one reason: my approach. People approach me because they know I am brutally honest, that I am passionate about the work, and that I am committed to being a lifelong learner.

Focused on the process, I direct the freelancers that surround me to ask questions, listen, and collaborate with my clients. Through it all, I am committed to giving you an experience of working with a creative team far different than anything you've previously encountered.

I'm happy to be in business and look forward to serving you.

Fresh, new, Brewww...how do ya do?