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2020: The Year in Review

Bad news grabs headlines and few will read this but...for those that do. Thank you.

For the first time in our history, we wanted to share an inside look behind the scenes of our studio.

This year has been stressful (duh, right?), but it was also a year of adventure, laughter, and great joy.

We Built Our Team

We've always been about growth. Web development. Graphic Design. Branding. Photography. We did it all and it worked (but it wasn't sustainable). We could not grow without help.

As we began the year, Christine and I were alone in the company. She would guide the process and I would design and code. She would offer feedback. I would iterate. It wasn't sustainable.

Definitely, we needed to hire a team.

Couple that with the aura of 2020: the world felt increasingly smaller and scarier by the day. For every business owner, there was a sense of consolidation and mindfulness of the bottom line.

Still, we needed to hire and grow.

Continuing our search throughout 2019, we finally found our ideal graphic designer. His name is Victor (and you'll see his work often). After a $10k loss of overstated qualifications and fake CVs, we finally found the graphic designer we had looked for and...he's amazing.

Victor has an eye for detail, a strategic mind, and a heart for the pain points of our clients. We threw a big task at him his first week. He delivered.

We spent a lot of money to begin our team of three people. We gained Victor. I regret nothing.

We Built Our Portfolio

It's been a busy year. We built a custom brand and website for Project Light Ministries, we built a brand and strategy for Custom Texas Living, we rebranded Azle Storage. There were other projects, but these readily come to mind.

We Built Our Home

As you may know by now, this company is owned and operated by Christine and myself. Even as our team grew, our family grew. On July 8th, 2020 we welcomed our twin boys, James and John (our Twinterns) into the fold. We're parents!

We're growing but we're really grounded. The mission feels as close as ever. Craft creative for the kind-hearted, the hustlers, and the visionaries.

To this point in time, over 85% of our clients have come from places other than Pensacola. Yet, Pensacola is home.

There are many places we considered while building our agency, building our team, and building our family (related and otherwise). We considered Cleveland, Denver, Austin, and Nashville but, in the end, the Western Gate to the Sunshine State had our hearts.

Why here? Besides the Sun, Sand, and Surf, Pensacola is full of amazing people committed to their community. Of all the places I've lived, Pensacola feels so welcoming (to visitors and new residents), so rooted (with a deep and rich history), and visionary (with eyes towards the future).

So even with the majority of our clients remote, we grow roots deeper daily into this beautiful city, where thousands live the way millions wish they could.

And much more

If you've gotten this far, thank you. I imagine you're busy, so I'll get to the point of what really changed.

  • Logos: We now offer logo design (and branding systems) as part of our service packages.
  • Illustrations: Logos are amazing (helping to immediately identify a brand), but we're also happy in our expansion to offer custom illustrations.
  • Wordpress Hosting (Expanded): We're happy to partner with Linode, Vultr, and Digital Ocean. This year, we expanded Wordpress hosting with AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and bare metal options.
  • Webflow: This year, we also added Webflow CMS to our list of trusted platforms.

Hello 2021

No one knows how 2021 will be. Sure, we've invented a time machine, but we just can't seem to calibrate it further than 7 minutes in the past. Our area of confidence is that we are growing, and we're growing because the brands we build are growing. Here's a few things to expect.

  • New Rebrand: We had an awesome soft launch years ago. It's time for a refresh.
  • New People: We will be expanding our team into 2021 with a new developer, new web designer, and new content writer.
  • New Services: We will expand on our services in 2021. Same Brewww, more for you.