Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if we're the right fit? 

Choosing the right partner for your project depends entirely on what you're looking to accomplish. At Brewww Studio, we are as selective in choosing our clients as they are in selecting us.

We take on clients who we feel we can help grow as strategic partners, and not merely as service providers. We take on clients who are willing to find creative solutions for complex problems. We look for clients who are passionate, collaborative, honest, hardworking and (if possible), have a sense of humor. If your entire team is not willing to work with us, we're not the right studio for you.

How do I know if I'm ready to get started? 

Our initial consultative calls help determine that. Therefore, there is no risk in reaching out. In some cases, we've worked with clients who have an understanding of their ideal customers, a defined sales process, and a current website. In other cases, a rough idea on a napkin is where we begin. In both cases, it's a willingness to start a conversation that determines everything.

Do you only work with particular industries? 

We craft creative for the kind-hearted, the hustlers, and the visionaries. This core philosophy does not limit us to a particular industry (or scope) of the projects we're willing to take on.

We don't claim to be experts in every industry. We claim to become that (with your help). At one time, we had a national speaker, a prison ministry, and a carpet cleaning company all the same time. That variety, and the unique challenges and solutions for each, is what keeps us excited and passionate about what we do.

How large is your team? 

Our leadership team is comprised of our founders, Kevin and Christine Wessa. We remain small so that we never lose our agility and ability to go where our clients need us to go.

As a collective, our team is much larger, forming relationships with developers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, content creators, and SEO experts as needed. This allows us to be nimble, and only bring on the help your project needs as its needed. Ultimately, we keep our costs lower this way.

What will my project cost?

Based on your stated objectives, we will determine an estimate particular to your situation. We've had projects as low as 1k, and as high as 10k, entirely dependent on the budget, timeline, and needs of our clients. In every case, it's structured to be an investment for the given client, and not an expense.

There is no cost for our initial consultative time, and therefore no risk to you in reaching out.

What happens after my project is completed? 

We are selective about the clients we bring on because we seek long-term strategic partnerships, not one month stands. Freedom is everything. We structure everything so that you'll never need us, but we're here if you want us.

Some agencies cripple their clients, so that they are not able to function without the agency that built everything for them. We believe in something a bit different. Our clients stick with us because they are edified, educated, and validated.

What happens after I reach out? 

The first thing is scheduling an initial call. This is, of course, free. During that call, we will ask the right questions to gain an understanding of what you're trying to accomplish. If needed, we'll have follow-up calls to hone in a strategy particular to you.

From there, you'll be provided an estimate with a range. The range indicates a good, better, best approach, letting you see the pieces that are foundational to growth, and which ones are necessary to grow faster. This transparent process lets our clients decide how fast they want to see results, and what's at stake for them.