Consistency is an Art


An imprisoned solider walks alone in a foreign land, observing his environment. Walking amongst them, he remarks (to himself) that "they are an intriguing people. From the moment they wake, they devote themselves to the perfection of whatever they pursue. I have never seen such discipline."

Art. Beauty. Goodness. Love. Hoping to achieve the fullness of any of these, patience is required, and consistency demanded.

10,000 Hours

20 hours of work a week for ten year is often quoted as the baseline of success. But, is it true? 

There used to be a time where we didn't know. Unless someone knew...

We didn't know who the 17th president of the United States was...

We didn't know the year the Twinkie (or Twinkie related obesity) was invented...

We didn't know who invented the peanut (much less who invented its corresponding allergy)...

We didn't know. Yet, the rise of the internet brought with it supercomputers in our pockets with access to more information than ever before in history. We knew more than anyone else ever had at any other point in history but we still don't know...

100 Hours

Consistency is an art. Someone very wise once told me that.

It is easy to commit yourself in word or action towards some activity. It is easy to say the words "20(insert year here) is gonna be my year!" It is easy to make resolutions, buy diet pills, and commit yourselves to the next steps.

For those impatient freelancers, studios, and agencies out there, there can be a ravenous pull towards providing answers before becoming aware of the problem. Rigidity is their approach, and as you explain your needs, you're cut off with a "solution."

As a creative, a business owner, and a fellow entrepreneur, it's my job to ask the right questions, shut up, and listen. I can't tell you how many times it was that one last question that gave the project a completely new direction.

We all have ideas, and we all have the things that bring us great joy. But many of us never see what gives us life actually become our life.

The criticism in our own heads.

The criticism of others.

The memory of past failures.

The fear of future failures.